Selecting Right Service Provider- Is it easy?

Now a days , we are surrounded by so many options and oppurtunities. It is tough to say or decide about which option will be best or which option would be a right pick.

Depending upon the people preferences , companies are projecting themselves as a real caretaker in terms of their stability and suitability. Every sector specially digital space is hiring experts to represent themselves more customer centric, instead of becoming alike.

In the Financial service arena, specially the distributor segment, who are typically the middle man between manufacturer and final recipient of services, are fighting not with their actual competitors whereas, with their own service manufacturers.

Initially , mutual funds ,insurance ,bonds or other financial instruments came in to picture with the help of these distributors only. Theses financial products are advised and procured with ease by these only distributors and the competition then were only the service level towards the consumer among the distributors.

But, Now a days, Scenario is completely different as we see the manufacturers itself acting as a distributors, giving service windows like a distributor, providing marketing and relationship support as a distributor. And the game not ends here, these are promoting the theme of direct buying from manufacturer to reduce cost.
Is this cost reduction technique or strategic customer acquisition by slowly and gradually chocking the distributors commission and putting in to the shoes of their own distributors, will work really in the favor of customer. We are witnessing the regulator too is aggressive towards degrading service levels of distributors by segregating advisory & Distributorship , which was earlier a tool to get new clients as well as retaining them.

This time the mutual fund distributor or other similar financial service providers are like a poster shop in which there is no approaching appeal left with them. The thing which left is same available with all distributors along with manufacturer who itself is a direct distributor who got upper hand by having tag of Distributor+manufacturer.

Is it the end, surely not because the actual looser would be the customer if he/she fails to decide on the actual benefits of being with these distributors as:
 Distributors could provide fail deal options with varied products.
 Distributors are more concerned about every products of different manufacturer.
 Distributors are concerned to link between products & customer need.
 Distributors can lead a customer to bargain with manufacturer.
 Distributors are those who Decide ,Research & offer suitable manufacturer’s product among various alternatives.
 Distributors are service oriented ,not the manufacturer.
 Manufacturer will offer only single product, but distributor will not.
 Distributors provide prompt resolution, and will run for the customer.
So, Don’t put cost in the place of service while choosing the buying window, as your single decision will decide your future.